The Dreadful Embarrassment

Our next bag is called the Dreadful Embarrassment and is a much larger bag compared to the Skivvy. The Dreadful Embarrassment is a fair sized bag able to hold your 15.4″ notebook, accessories, and your belongings.

Notebook Bags by Crumpler - A Review - Mobile 25

On the outside of the bag, you will not find any exterior pockets which is a common thing on Crumpler bags. Crumpler prefers to keep their contents concealed inside the bag rather on the outside where thieves can grab it, also and it makes the bag look a lot tidier.

Notebook Bags by Crumpler - A Review - Mobile 26

The strap on the Dreadful Embarrassment is adjustable and comes with a thick shoulder pad for comfort. This is great because nothing sucks more than a strap digging into your shoulder while you’re waiting for a plane or running to an appointment.

The cover is held in place with two very large Velcro pads and by two adjustable plastic clips. I found the Velcro is enough to keep everything secure, though the clips do add some extra security.

Notebook Bags by Crumpler - A Review - Mobile 27

The front of the bag also has an interesting pleat which at a first glance is just for style, but actually conceals thoughtful design. Taking a cue from luggage, the pleat (which Crumpler calls the “Tennis Ball Seam”) is actually an accordion pouch which expands and extra 2 inches if needed. So if you’re loading up the Dreadful Embarrassment with a large amount of stuff, the compartment inside actually expands a bit to give you extra space.

There are three main compartments inside The Dreadful Embarrassment: the padded notebook compartment, the middle compartment, and the front compartment.

Notebook Bags by Crumpler - A Review - Mobile 28

Unlike other computer bag companies who pad the entire bag, Crumpler only pads the notebook compartment which is roughly 1/3 of the space. This may seem a bit odd, but it makes the bag lighter and more flexible so it can carry odd-sized objects. Is there a need to pad the entire interior of a bag when the only valuable and breakable component is the computer itself?

The computer compartment is just a simple sleeve with a Velcro strap to keep it snug.

The middle compartment is the largest area capable of carrying another notebook if you choose, and the power adapters for both systems. There are pouches and pockets on the inside panels to hold pens, a small MP3 player (like a Nano), keys and other small objects.

Notebook Bags by Crumpler - A Review - Mobile 29

The outer compartment is just another place to put more stuff and has a nice meaty zipper to keep it shut. The zipper is worth focusing on because it feels very well designed – the fabric, the teeth, and the tab all feel sturdy and strong.

My only beef with The Dreadful Embarrassment is that it does not have a carrying handle of any sort. A handle would be very useful in helping you navigate through tight spots like through a crowded place or when exiting a car, instead this bag requires you to have it over your shoulder at all times.

The Dreadful Embarrassment Specs (from Crumpler’s website)

  • Water resistant 900D Nylon shell & 420D Ripstop Nylon lining
  • Padded laptop compartment with 6 pocket organizer
  • External zip pocket
  • 3x internal front pockets
  • Adjustable main strap & shoulder pad
  • Clip & Velcro release flap
  • 15″ and compact 17″ laptops and A4/Letter-size documents & magazines, plus accessories. Works with the 15″ PowerBook & MacBook Pro, and the 17″ PowerBook & MacBook Pro.
  • Converts to photo/video equipment bag with optional extra Bucket BU-02A insert.

Physical dimensions

  • approx. 45x30x17cm / approx. 17x12x7″
  • vol 16 litres
  • Laptop Sleeve: 39x26x4cm / 15.4×10.2×1.6″
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