Crumpler manufactures bags at a various price points and styles. The chances are there is a notebook bag that will fit within your budget. However, Crumpler bags are generally not cheap, nor are they supposed to be – you do pay a little extra, but you get a bit more in terms of design, durability, and style. Perhaps Crumpler’s biggest challenge is convincing the money-conscious buyer that Crumpler’s more expensive bag is worth the investment over your typical (and probably cheaper) bag from the competitor.

Crumpler makes some of the most unique and attractive bags for notebook computers. While other companies are just warming up to colours other than black, Crumpler has embraced the full spectrum of colours in all their products. The selection of colours, clean designs, and durable quality really makes these bags worthy of daily use while managing to make you stand out.

Notebook Bags by Crumpler - A Review - Mobile 25

Ironically, the thing which makes Crumpler so lovable is also one of the reasons you’d hate them. Because the company is so obsessed with simple and effective designs, their bags often lack things you’ve come to use and love on other bags like karabiner loops and outside pockets. I guess that would make Crumpler similar to the Apple Computers of the bag world.

Without a doubt, Crumpler is different from your traditional notebook bag manufacturer. While other companies are content in selling you a product, Crumpler seems to want you to make a fashion statement with their accessories. You will be happy with this Aussie blend of fashionable design, strength, and functionality; just as long as you are willing to pay a little extra and can tolerate the little quirks in their designs.

Beer for Bags Sale (June 2 – 10, 2007)

Coincidentally, the publishing of this article coincides with the first annual Beer for Bags sale at the Crumpler store in Toronto, and the second one in New York.

If you go to the Crumpler Canada website ( you will see a link on how you can exchange beer (like Alexander Keith’s and Steam Whistle) for a great Crumpler product!

In New York, you can find the information at the Crumpler USA site ( . There are two locations in NY, so if there’s a line up at one, try the other!

Notebook Bags by Crumpler - A Review - Mobile 26
Trade some beers for a Crumpler bag.
Say what?!


I’ll be taking advantage of this sale… besides, when was the last time you gave beer to someone and got something decent in return?

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