The Antec 900 Advanced Gaming Case is up for review at HotHardware.  With a 200mm blowhole on the top, you will want to keep your caffeinated beverage of choice far away from it, but it is great for getting rid of hot air.  It also means that the PSU is located at the bottom, giving you a more stable case, if you are in the habit of trying to knock your PC over.  Read on to see what else this reasonably priced case has going for it.
“So, what’s the alternative? How about a case that’s almost completely open, providing better cooling by allowing air to freely enter and leave the system. How about fans placed seemingly everywhere – front, back, side, and even on top? That’s what Antec has introduced with the Antec Nine Hundred Gaming Chassis. Although the naming convention might initially turn away anybody not interested in gaming (all 5 of you), they would be missing out, as this case offers premium cooling and looks, without the hefty price tag that one might associate with a unit like this.”

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