In part 2 of VIA Arena’s video review of the OQO Model 2, get the machine started up and then change focus to the abilities of the docking station.  The UMPC boots up into a full version of Windows XP, and the batteries will keep it going for up to 3 hours.  There is an optional super sized battery offering twice the charge, although it is also twice the size.  The docking station gives you HDMI output, so once you get home you can plug the OQO into your HDTV, and the 3 USB ports give you the ability to add a full-sized keyboard and mouse.  Watch Fiona show off this UMPC here.
“There are a lot of accessories available for the OQO model 02. The docking station can make the unit into a desktop PC – one that you plug into the docking station and use with a regular keyboard, mouse and monitor – and then unplug and use as a UMPC when you’re away from your desk. In this video we check out the battery of the OQO and the docking station, ending with plugging the unit into an HDTV via the HDMI port.”

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