Our motherboard forums were the original starting point of what has now grown into PC Perspective, and are still one of the best places to go for support on the web.  Even if you are using a less popular manufacturer, you will find knowledgeable members ready to help you out.  Everything from inexpensive AM-2 boards from ASRock, or Biostar’s T-Force series, or a Chaintech board that has some re-occuring problems that are hard to diagnose. 

In the OCing forum, you can get great advice on unlocking processors and BIOS features, for CPUs and GPUs, but if you go that way, make sure you have temperature monitoring software.  You may also want to upgrade the cooling solution on your graphics card to get that little bit extra out of it.

Find out what HDD manufacturers are in favour at the Storage Forum, RAM in the memory forum or laptops over in the Mobility Forum.  If you aren’t in the mood, then slack off in the Off Topic section or The Lightning Round, or you can even talk live with out new FlashChat.  What are you waiting for?  Get off the front page and dive into the forums.