At the Overclocker’s Club, the roar of fans is as frightening as the overclock on their processors.  In an effort to change that, they review the NZXT Hush; a case designed to reduce noise.  The interior is liberally coated with a 3/16″ layer of foam and every retention bracket comes with a rubber washer.  The pair of 120mm fans give good airflow without the noise a smaller fan would make.  Head over and find out if it cools well enough to quiet OCC down a bit.
“There are a few things that we all look for when it comes to a new case: looks, price, how many fans are included, modding potential, size and weight. But rarely is sound a consideration when you are looking to transport your computer to the next LAN party or looking for the latest and greatest air cooling solution. Normally you get the computer so loud you can hear it at the other end of the house and you just get used to the noise. But hey, at least it cools great! On the other hand, you have the enthusiast who is looking to go as quiet as possible and still keep within the thermal specs on the hardware they have chosen. Usually I fall into the first group and try and cool every piece of hardware I have, regardless of the noise implications, low speed just does not cut it. Today we will be looking at a case produced by NZXT named aptly HUSH! Can a case designed to be silent still offer the cooling desired by hardcore enthusiasts? Lets find out.”

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