Intel’s Pentium E2140 is a stripped down Conroe with a cut rate price.  The L2 cache becomes 1MB, and is shared between the 2 cores, and the FSB is reduced to 800MHz.  HotHardware’s testing showed it to be about 10% slower than the C2D E6300, and about half the price.  They also pushed the 1.6GHz chip up to 2.9GHz with stock cooling.
“If you thought the Pentium name was dead, think again. We’ve just posted a new article at HotHardware in which we evaluate the performance, power consumption, and overclockability of Intel’s brand-new Pentium E2140 dual-core processor. This chip is derivative of the ‘Conroe’ core used in the Core 2 Duo family of processors, but with a smaller cache and lower FSB and core frequencies. At under $100, it proved to be a solid value, especially after we overclocked it to almost 3GHz using the stock air-cooler.”

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