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PC Perspective Podcast 02 – 5/9/07

This week we talk about the release of CellFactor for AGEIA’s PhysX cards, our updated hardware leaderboard for your system component choices and Intel’s Santa Rosa launch coupled with NVIDIA’s release of their GeForce 8M mobility GPU lineup.  We also touch on tech news of the week including Dell installing Linux on some systems, 160 Mbps cable downloads in the US and the possibility of a 24 hour battery life UMPC platform from Intel.

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Hosts: Ryan Shrout, Jeremy Hellstrom and Jon Hung

Program length: 59:35
Program schedule:

  1. 00:00 Introduction
  2. 02:13 CellFactor: Revolution and PhysX discussion
  3. 15:00 Hardware Leaderboard Updates
  4. 20:20 Intel Santa Rosa and NVIDIA GeForce 8M launches
  5. 29:40 Fragging Frogs
  6. 30:55 What is Ryan Folding With? Folding@Home discussion
  7. 34:20 Greenpeace Report on scoring companies on waste disposal
  8. 39:00 The New Dell – offering Linux and Windows XP
  9. 42:50 Intel’s Moorestown UMPC Platform
  10. 46:28 HP HDX Dragon 20.1″ Notebook
  11. 52:48 Comcast talks 160 Mbps Cable downloads
  12. 55:36 HP Offers Blu-ray/HD-DVD combo drive on mid-range system
  13. 57:39 Closing
  14. Music Credits – John Williams from Raiders of the Lost Arc

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