The Hardware Zone has a set of pictures detailing several of the upcoming Bearlake based motherboards from MSI.  On the high P35 Platinum D3 can handle DDR3 and the P35 Platinum will work with DDR2, for those who don’t want to move on yet.  They are also releasing a pair of motherboards with less features than the Platinum series, called the Neo.  The first is just called the P35 Neo, and is built to handle DDR2 and it’s very similar cousin, the P35 Neo Combo will have a hybrid memory controller able to handle DDR2 or DDR3, though not at the same time.  Head over for a look at the very unique “Circu-Pipe” cooling on the Platinum.
“You’ve seen our CeBIT 2007 coverage on MSI’s upcoming P35 motherboards, but you haven’t seen our closed door shots of the boards with all their peripherals intact. What does MSI have up their sleeves? Take our special preview tour of the MSI P35 Platinum D3 and P35 Neo series motherboards.”

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