Without much hard information about AMD’s new chip, the speculation runs wild.  With the release of the 2900XT, we saw a card that may be poised to take a share of the mid-range graphics market away from nVIDIA, but not the high end range. Right now that same story holds true for AMD’s CPUs, as Intel’s C2D owns the enthusiast crowd, while AMD is only popular with the midrange crowd.  Ars Technica wonders if expecting one CPU architecture to propel AMD to the top is asking a little much in an industry that has grown much more complex recently.  See what they think AMD might have in store for is in the near future.
“This focus on Barcelona’s performance numbers as a straightforward proxy for AMD’s financial health is not entirely without merit, but it obscures the fact that the Barcelona is just one moving part in a much more complex, post-ATI picture for AMD. Barcelona does indeed have to deliver the goods, but even if it does, things ain’t what they were in 2003.”

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