The Ion DEC-180 is a marvel of compactness, hiding a 1.66 GHz Intel C2D, a 100GB SATA HDD, 1GB DDR2 memory and integrated video, network and 5.1 sound in a 8″x 9″x 2″ case. PC Mechanic found it incredibly easy to setup and use to record TV.  They though the picture quality was good, but not as good as some that they have seen, and hope for a HDD expansion for they could only manage about 50hrs of TV at a reasonable resolution.
“Are you an avid TV watcher? Are you frustrated with the sad state of VCR usability or tired of changing your own life schedule just to watch a TV show you enjoy? If so, Ion has the perfect product for you. The DEC-180 is fully contained PC running Windows Media Center 2005 in a package the size of an average hardcover book. This product will automatically record all your favorite TV shows, playback all your existing music, movies, and pictures, and also give you the ability to pause and rewind live TV. Pretty impressive in my book.”

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