ABIT has branched out recently, creating a set of wireless speakers and music access point, dubbed the iDome and AirPaceHotHardware decided to give a full set a test, and see if you have to sacrifice sound quality for the lack of wires running all over the place.  Wires have become a problem with a 5.1 or 7.1 setup, which makes ABIT’s choice to set up a wireless 2.1 system a bit strange, though well implemented.
“Abit is normally associated with enthusiast-class overclocking motherboards and to a lesser extent their now discontinued line of Radeon graphics cards. Most people would not think of abit as a manufacturer of multimedia speakers. So it was to our surprise when abit announced a new line of speakers late last year. Dubbed “iDome”, this new product line consists of three products that, when used in combination, represent abit’s vision of a “personal digital theater”. The product line currently consists of the iDome DS500 digital stereo speakers, the iDome SW510 digital subwoofer and the AirPace WAD-01B wireless music access point. ”

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