Bjorn3D has had a good look at Listan’s upcoming products for this year.  A very high resolution mouse, a backlit keyboard and a pair of mousepads are their feature products right now. If you are in the search for a better way to frag your friends, drop by for a look at what they have to offer.
“We have a slew of cool gaming products for your reading pleasure today. They were all introduced at this years CeBIT, annual trade show for information and telecommunications technology. The gear includes:

Revoltec FightMouse Revoltec Lightboard XL2 Revoltec Gamepad Precision Advanced Revoltec Gamepad Precision PRO

You can gather more information on Revoltec’s gaming website: FightPatrol. The site is devoted to the latest gaming gear announced by Listan. It gives you a good look at each FightProduct including latest drivers and news.”

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