AMD’s UVD is an on-chip decoder for Blu-ray and HD DVD, offering 40MBits of bandwidth, their answer to nVIDIA’s PureVideo HD.  As The Tech Report discovered, it is missing from the new HD 2900 XT, even though AMD’s presentation seemed to imply that it was on that card.  Read the full article to find out why so many sites thought the 2900 did have UVD, and what that means to someone buying this card to display HD, especially from a Blu-ray or HD-DVD source.
“I’ve just learned something that compels me to publish a major correction to our review of the Radeon HD 2900 XT GPU. I got the clear, distinct impression from AMD’s presentations, statements, and conversations with me at its Radeon HD press event that its new UVD video decode acceleration logic was present in its entire lineup of Radeon HD graphics chips, and I relayed that information to you in our review of the product, promising to follow up with tests of this feature at a later date. Turns out that information wasn’t correct. We explain why not, what the Radeon HD 2900 XT lacks, and how we came to misunderstand its abilities here:”

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