Following up on their testing of ATI’s DX9 cards under Vista, Elite Bastards moves onto nVIDIA, again sticking with DX9 cards.  They look at quite a few benchmarks, and found that much like the ATI drivers there is room for improvement.  The big story was less noticeable in the benchmarks.  On the good side, the new drivers are rock solid, with no hitches in SLI or single card mode.  On the bad side, they ran into serious trouble trying to get the driver to install in the first place.
“In part two, our focus is on NVIDIA’s performance for their GeForce 7 series of DirectX 9 parts, making our analysis this time around arguably more important than that of part one, simply due to the amount of criticism NVIDIA has suffered on account of the quality of their early Windows Vista drivers. After such a poor start, NVIDIA have been pushing hard to release frequent driver updates, meaning that we’ve very quickly moved from ForceWare 100 onto the ForceWare 150 series drivers being used today. These drivers supposedly have a vast number of bug fixes and performance improvements over earlier drivers, so just how well will they stack up against the company’s latest WHQL Windows XP driver, which is now beginning to show its age itself as this OS has been somewhat abandoned while NVIDIA focus on Vista.”

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