The UFO franchise has been trying to recapture the feel of the original X:Com UFO Defense in the early 90’s.  While the graphics have evolved, and many different approaches have been tried, it just hasn’t been same as in the good old days.  Strategy Informer reviews the latest, UFO:Extraterrestrials, which is set on a new planet called Esperanza not Earth. Read on to see if the move has helped them recapture UFO’s glory days.
“It is nearly impossible to review UFO:Extraterrestrials without comparing it to the classic X:COM UFO Defense and it’s nearly identical sequel X:COM Terror from the Deep games. These games created a niche in the market place that hasn’t ever been equaled or surpassed not even by other X:COM franchise titles. UFO:ET comes the closest to matching the game play and feel of the original X:COM of any follower of these venerable games. ”

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