[H] got a sneak peek of some really impressive RAM from Corsair.  The timings aren’t really that impressive, 10-10-10-24, but the 1000MHz clock speed is fantastic!  They’ve got benchmark pictures you have to see to believe.
“Undoubtedly DDR3 has not been that exciting…at least not at 1066MHz or 1333MHz. Today in a private suite next door to the Computex show in Taipei Corsair demonstrated their Dominator DDR3 running at an astounding 2GHz. While nobody was looking we ran a quick SiSoft Sandra memory benchmark on the memory and it scored an impressive 8545/8554 MB/sec (see the screen shot below). Wondering if it was just a fluke we fired up Orthos and got to run the machine full tilt for a couple of minutes with 1.8GB of DDR3 loaded…then Corsair made us stop.”

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