HEXUS tries out Corsair’s DOMINATOR XMS2-10000 (with and without the Airflow fan), Kingston’s HyperX KHX9600D2K2/2G, OCZ’s Reaper HPC Edition PC2-9200, CellShock’s DDR2 1000 and G.SKILL’s F2-6400CL4D on an eVGA NF68 with an Intel C2D Extreme X6800.  There are some differences in the speeds that these DIMM’s run at, but you might be surprised how closely they score.
“Memory prices are low and Windows Vista can gobble up every last byte you throw at it, so there couldn’t be a more appropriate time to review fast DDR2 modules. We’re looking at five 2GB packs, ranging from wallet-friendly DDR2-800 up to DDR2-1250 – with a price tag to match.”

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