The new, and relatively confusingly named Athlon X2 BE2350 is a very low power CPU, designed for use in systems that need to be quiet.  It is also very cheap and a good value for those looking to build an HTPC or even a SFF PC to surf the web and deal with emails.  The Tech Report has put together a comprehensive look at this processor, so give them a visit.
“AMD has just introduced a new CPU aimed at home theater PCs, small form factor systems, and small-footprint corporate desktops. Dubbed the Athlon X2 BE-2350, this chip has a confusing new alphanumeric amalgamation attached to its name, and what could be cooler than that? Perhaps a 45W thermal/power rating for the processor. The BE-2350 sips power like a mobile CPU but carries a wallet-friendly price tag of under 100 bucks, which might make it an attractive prospect for your next system build.”

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