Legion Hardware has specked out a nice midrange system, that includes a 22″ monitor as well as a C2D E6420, ASUS P5N-E SLI = $130, 2GB of DDR2-800 and a 640MB eVGA GeForce 8800 GTS.  Check out the results of the build as well as the overclocking potential.

If you want a second opinion, head to the PC Perspective Hardware Leaderboard, where there are 4 recommended builds.

“For $1300 US this is an impressive mid-range gaming system that uses quality components. The motherboard, memory and processor are highly recommended for this build. The rest of the hardware can be modified to save money, but we again recommend you use the selected components, particularly the graphics card. The case, power supply, keyboard/mouse and monitor are not as important, but they do help balance the package. For example, if you were to drop the LCD down to a 19” version, then it would make sense to also reduce the GeForce 8800 GTS from a 640MB to a 320MB graphics card.”

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