The news on the mobile front from AMD is their Puma platform, based around their upcoming socket AM3 Griffin CPU , the RS780 northbridge, and the SB700 southbridge.  It will still utilize DDR2 on a HyperTransport 3.0 bus, offering 2.6GHz 16-bit scalable link.   Sticking with their main game plan in 2007, we will see significantly reduced power consumption, including the ability to separate the voltages supplied to each core in the CPU.  Read the full article at Ars Technica to see what other enhancements to expect from AMD’s new mobile platform.
“The present article will give you a glimpse of the workings of AMD’s next-generation mobile platform, codenamed Puma. Many of the major features of Puma have analogs in other present and future mobile platforms, so Puma provides a good introduction to mobile system architecture. Indeed, all modern computing platforms must balance power consumption with performance, though different platforms strike that balance in different ways, depending on form factor. For a platform that’s aimed primarily at notebook form factors, engineering tradeoffs tend to be made in favor of power versus performance, so most of what we’ll see as we look closer at Puma will reflect this tendency.”

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