Computex ’07 may have closed it’s doors, but there is plenty more to be seen.  Even Ryan is holding out on some additional pictures he took while he was there.  In the meantime, drop by HotHardware for a look at their newest pics, including MSI’s Luxium, which will bring external PCIe 16x to laptops.  They also spotted a few new audio products from ASUS before getting sucked into VIAs UMPCs.
“The show may be over, but we’ve still got plenty of images and information from this year’s Computex event to share. In this article, we shine the spotlight on new products from MSI, Asus and VIA, which include MSI’s external graphics solution for notebooks, Asus’ Xonar and C90 products, VIA’s assortment of UMPCs, and much more.”

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