For a low budget case, the Revoltec Zirconium offers some unique features.  For instance, the extra external USB and Firewire and audio ports are located in a recess at the top of the case, and the front panel has integral eject buttons for your optical drives.  Read on to see how well the case satisfied the Guru of 3D’s discerning needs, and where it fell short.
“Guru3d will peek at a new casing from the guys at Listan. Who you ask ? Listan .. the guys behind the beQuiet series power supplies and .. Revoltec. This is the second line Listan is promoting aside from their BeQuiet! PSU line-up, is their Revoltec brand. This brand sells coolers, case-mod gear, fans but also cases. This is the new RT-101 Zirconium chassis. For not a lot of money Revoltec can offer you a product that (if it fits your style of course) looks attractive. So, all you guys and girls out there with two left hands when it comes to modifying a case yourself, good news. No more bleeding hands and chopped off fingers from sawing and cutting into that big can, it’s all done for you for 65 bucks and it looks rather stylish.”

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