[H]ard|OCP is, against the advice of a certain Dr. Spengler, crossing the OCZ GameXStream and ProXStream in a duel for supremacy.  The GameXStream line is represented by the 1010W model, and the ProXStream by the 1000W Model.  At first glance, these 2 power supplies are very similar, apart from the cooling fans.  Once tested, it became clear the differences are much bigger, up to and including the fact that the GameXStream does not comply with the ATX12v spec.

If you want to avoid any chance of total protonic reversal, why not read Lee’s review of the Thermaltake Toughpower 1200W PSU instead.
“We take two very similar OCZ desktop power supplies and give them a through evaluation while getting to the bottom of just what is the true difference between the GameXStream and ProXStream line of PSUs from OCZ. Spend your cash wisely!”

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