ExtremeTech has posted a review of Company of Heroes upgrade to DX10.  If you have Vista and a DX10 class card (or two), then this is the patch you have been waiting for.  They compare the performance of the 2 versions of this game at the same time they contrast the visual differences.  Read on to see if all you get is extra rocks, shadows and a performance hit, or if it becomes a whole new game.
“The first game you can actually go to a store and buy that will do something special with your DX10 graphics card turns out to be Company of Heroes, an absolutely fantastic real-time strategy game set during World War II. We use its built-in performance test in our graphics reviews all the time, because it’s simply one of the most technologically advanced and downright pretty games of its type. Now the developers at Relic Entertainment have made good on their promise to support DirectX 10 with the latest patch (version 1.7). Let’s kick the tires a bit to see what’s new, and what it’ll cost you in terms of performance.”

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