With industry-leading technologies, ASUS utilizes Super Memspeed Technology with the P35 chipset to surpass standard DDR3 1066/DDR2 800 speeds and is able to natively support DDR3 1333 and DDR2 1066 speeds. With great investment in R&D and innovative technologies, ASUS has enhanced the BIOS for the P5K series of motherboards to improve memory performances by enabling 1T command rates.

ASUS R&D has designed a new BIOS setting to shorten the Address Command Cycle and tune the signal cycle timing to 1T command timings – effectively reducing the DRAM Clock Cycle time and improving overall PC performance. As CPU performance is inherently tied with memory bottlenecks, any enhancement that facilitates memory reading latency will greatly improve the PC performance. Whats more, this BIOS setting works hand-in-hand with ASUS’s Super Memspeed technology to greatly enhance overclocking and computing performance.

The benefits of 1T to the user are two-fold. Besides gaining great performance from their computers, users will also be able to save costs. With 1T enabled, CL-9 memory will be able to surpass the more expensive CL-8 types of memory. Users will thus be able to save money on costs and still enjoy better performance. Presently, only the P5K3 Deluxe DDR3 1333/1066/800 and the P5K Deluxe 1066/800 motherboards benefit from 1T technology. The P5K, P5K-E, P5KSE, P5K-V and P5K-VM models will have their BIOS updated in the near future.