There is a lot of choice when it comes to web browsers nowadays, and not simply a decision between IE and Firefox.  If you are looking for something different, you can get Opera on the PC now, or at least a beta version of it.  If you do try it, drop by the General Forum and let people know what you thought.  As well, our inflatable moderator noticed that the free version AdAware 2007 has appeared, so thank him, and let us know how it works.

Over in the Gigabyte Forum, there is some investigation into Gigabyte’s AM2 boards not locking down the PCI bus when you start overclocking them.  Popping over to the processor forum will get you some good advice on how to bring new life to a (relatively) old laptop, or some thorough testing of a Q6600 in the OCing Forum

Over in the Cases’n’Cooling forum, there is a good thread on 92mm fans, which come in handy for a lot of the heatsinks currently on the market.  Another member is having problems with eyestrain on LCDs, sound familiar to you

Finally, if find yourself somehow in need of a break from the forums, follow the links in this post.  The first is a presentation on PhotoSynth and the technology behind it.  It is a way of gathering hundreds or thousands of pictures of a single area or landmark, and constructing a virtual representation of it on the web.  The second link is a demo, where you can see Notre Dame cathedral as a virtual presence.  You can also join the PCPer Flickr club in that same thread.