Vizo has updated the old hot swappable HDD rack with their Ares Internal SATA Mobile Rack.  Support for SATA II makes this a very easy way to hot swap HDDs, or just to be able to carry it with you for use in multiple systems.  It also has a small fan in the enclosure to keep your HDD comfortable during the summer.  Drop by Pro-Clockers for a closer look at this handy little device.
“Internal, hot-swappable hard drive racks enclosures have been around for quite a few years now, but many of them were geared toward “old-school” parallel ATA technology. Today’s hard drives are mostly Serial ATA because of their serial bus architecture that boosts hard drives speeds up to 300 megabytes per second. VIZO has caught up with modern times with the Ares SATA HDD Mobile Rack, which is on our test bench today. This enclosure supports SATA II hard drives and puts their own spin onto an already industry-proven product.”

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