The EVGA 8800 Ultra Superclocked has been pushed to a 650MHz core, and 1125MHz memory.  It is a case of nVIDIA competing with it’s self, so it’s no surprise that nVIDIA still has the fastest card out there.  If you are dying to be able to enable those last few settings like 16xQAA at huge resolutions, then the review at PureOverclock is right up your alley.
“The card we’re testing is not a basic reference model, it’s EVGA’s top of the line part, the 8800 Ultra Superclocked. This is one of the fastest cards on the market, with yet further increases in clock speeds — 650MHz on the core, and 2250MHz on the memory, so let’s see if these extra clocks are worth the extra cash over the price of a GTX.”

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