The Reaper line of heatpipe cooled memory from OCZ continues to expand, and HotHardware grabbed the 2 from the middle of the pack.  The Reaper HPC PC2-8500 is rated for 1066MHz, @ 5-5-5-15, and the Reaper HPC PC2-6400 EB runs 800MHz @ 4-3-3-12.   Thanks to the integrated heatsink, they managed 1143MHZ at the same timings from the 8500 and 1067MHz @ 4-5-5-15 from the 6400. 
“OCZ’s latest solution for cooling their high performance memory modules is the Reaper Heat Pipe Conduit (HPC) system. The Reaper HPC memory uses a combination of an aluminum heatspreader, copper heatpipe, and aluminum fin array to quickly dissipate heat. Heat generated by the memory is absorbed by the heatspreader, where it is then transported to an aluminum fin array which then dissipates the heat into the surrounding air. In theory this method should cool the memory modules much more efficiently than the flat heatspreaders most other memory modules sport.”

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