With half again the storage of it’s predecessor, the 750GB Caviar SE16 has switched to perpendicular storage which also increases the speed of it’s internal transfer rates while leaving the SATA interface unchanged at 300MB/s.  This increase places it in a league that used to be the exclusive domain of the 10,000 RPM Raptors, which have less than 1/2 the storage capacity.  The Tech Report has more, give them a visit.
“The latest PC component to undergo a power-efficiency makeover is one we weren’t quite expecting: the hard drive. Western Digital’s latest Caviar SE16 features IntelliSeek, a just-in-time approach to actuator movement that is supposed to not only lower power consumption but also reduce noise levels by minimizing seek-induced vibration. WD claims these gains are accomplished without slowing seek times, which bodes well for the Caviar’s appeal among enthusiasts who demand that power savings not come at the expense of performance.”

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