The Tech Report has been having fun with Corsair’s Survivor GT USB drive.  Packaged in an aluminium tube with rubberized ends, it looks like a piece of camping equipment, but inside that shell is an 8GB thumb drive.  They dunked it in water, strapped it to the bottom of a mountain bike, and in a last desperate move to inflict some sort of damage, they ran over it with a car.  The Survivor now has a couple of small scratches, but they couldn’t impress it at all.
“Thumb drives are wildly popular, but as they approach ubiquity, few are interesting to talk about. That’s not the case for Corsair’s Flash Survivor GT, though. This USB drive is wrapped in aircraft-grade aluminum and sealed to work at depths up to 200m. But can it survive a series of torture tests that includes a washing machine, dish washer, high diving platform, and the crushing weight of a car? Read on to find out.”

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