The introduction of Vista has not come without growing pains.  One unforeseen problem effects flashing your BIOS with WinFlash.  Don’t despair if that is your preferred method, there are a few suggestions here that will get you on your way.  You can also cheer on a member’s first build in this thread, and maybe make give him some constructive criticism on the room in which it lives.

For those of you who have switched to Intel, there is a How To thread in the Overclocking Forum that may help you get the most out of your C2D dual and quad core CPUs, of course you may want to lap that CPU first, and get a REALLY big heatsink.  Over in the Graphics forum, it seems that Digital Vibrance is quite a touchy topic among 8800 users, rebates are frustrating some people in the Memory Forum, and Vista activation for addicted upgraders in the Windows forum.

Come on in and join the party!