Rather than letting the Pentium line die, Intel has repositioned it as low cost and low power.  With the E2140 and E2160, they are positioned to take on AMD’s new BE series of chips.  Techgage puts these chips through their banchmarks, as well as managing overclocks worthy of the old Celeron series.
“There are two versions currently available, the Pentium E2140 and the E2160. Clocked at 1.8GHz the E2160 matches the E4300 in terms of clock speed while featuring half as much L2 cache. The E2140 on the other hand is now the slowest desktop “Core 2″ processor, clocked at just 1.6GHz. With both CPUs priced below the $100 mark ($84 and $99, respectively), this should make for an interesting race against its more expensive siblings.”

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