The previews of the C2D E6750 are hitting the streets today, and you can start out at HotHardware.  As far as the raw stats go, you are looking at @ 2.66GHz CPU, with a 1333MHz “Quad-Pumped” front side bus.  It is a 65n process chip, with 4MB of shared, full-speed L2 cache.  As far as the power goes, it runs between .85 – 1.3625v and generated 65 – 75 watts TPD.  Read on to see how much better the increase in FSB makes this chip when compared to the E6700.

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“We’ve just posted a new article at HotHardware exploring the performance and overclockability of Intel’s upcoming Core 2 Duo E6750 processor. The E6750 differs from the older and similarly clocked E6700 in that its front side bus frequency has been increased to 1333MHz, but this isn’t a simple speed bump. The E6750 is also based on a new stepping and revision of the Conroe-core which resulted in some excellent overclocking. How does almost 4GHz with the stock air-cooler sound?”

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