The ThinkPad series has been updated with new models, the T61 & R61 as well as the X61 & X61s.  XYZ Computing has had the pleasure of trying out both the ultra mobile X61s as well as the larger X61.  They include all of the features you would expect the successor of the X60 series to have, as well as some handy new features.  Not to mention updated hardware.
“The initial Thinkpads to go Santa Rosa were the T61 and R61, the first of which is a mobile workstation with a widescreen 14.1″ LCD and the second being the Thinkpad’s more economical system which will slowly be taking the place of the Z series (it’s also available in a 14.1″ widescreen). The next round of Thinkpads to be upgraded are the X series 12.1″ ultraportables- the X61, the X61s (which uses a low voltage processor) and the X61 tablet. We just got in samples of the X61 and the X61s for testing and will be looking at the tablet in a few weeks.”

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