After straying away from the MX series with the G5, a move that left off the features that made the MX series so popular, Logitech is going back to that design.  The new revision of the G5 sports the second thumb button as well as new features, like LEDs to show which DPI setting you are at.  Virtual-Hideout also applauded the use of variable weights, so you can get the mouse to feel exactly like you want.
“Well, it took some time, but Logitech has finally released a new version of the G5 that features the much-requested second thumb button. This is basically a return to the same design that had been featured on the earlier MX518 and MX510 mice, and one that shouldn’t have been changed in the first place. Officially, Logitech is calling this new mouse the same as its predecessor – the ‘G5 Laser Mouse’. I’m referring to it as the G5 Revision 2, since it’s clearly an upgraded version of the original.”

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