The Tech Lounge has posted a review of a well featured 27″ monitor from Dell, the UltraSharp 2707WFP.  Fairly expensive when compared to it’s smaller brother, the 2407WP, it offers the same resolution and 20% more screen real estate.  It’s back is packed with all the input connections you would expect as well as a four USB 2.0 ports.  The HD quality and response times make this monitor attractive for almost any use, the dim edges offered the only possible drawback in the review.
“Behemoth that Dell is, their market share has begun to shrink in the face of competition from the likes of HP and Apple. As we’ve seen, though, one area that Dell doesn’t slack in is the quality of their monitors. And at a regular selling price of $1199, it needs to be high quality. Of course, Dell is constantly running promotions and coupons, so if you keep an eye on our Hot Deals page you should be able to get one for about $100 less. So how did the Dell 2707WFP fare after three weeks on my desk? Well, suffice to say the desk feels awfully small.”

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