SANTA CLARA, Calif., June 26, 2007 – Intel Corporation unveiled today a global training curriculum for software developers to speed and expand software development for multi-core processors. The Intel Software Training Program offers classroom courses and hands-on lab work to better train software developers in multi-threaded application design. Training is delivered by Intel-approved instructors and designed in a way to quickly reach worldwide developers with NIIT*, an information technology training company, and other authorized providers.

As the industry transitions from single-core processors to ones that have multiple cores and threads per processor, software developers need to hone their skills to create applications that take advantage of multi-core processors that can execute multiple instructions simultaneously. Software developers can no longer rely on increasing processor clock speed to gain improvements in application performance.

The Intel Software Training Program employs Intel expertise and offers basic and advanced software development training, including software parallelism, multithreaded programming and platform optimization.