If you are ever looking to expand your wireless network, either for range, to separate the ways people connect up or even just to get a few more ports free, you need another wireless access point.  One solution is to add a second router to your network, which is not that hardNeither is switching to a quad core CPU

You can jump in on the discussion about the upcoming AMD Barcelona CPU in our Processor forum, and grab some great tips on how to overclock, and test for stability in this thread in our Overclocking forum.  In the Cases’n’Cooling forum, you can grab some good PSU advice, no matter how much you were looking to spend

Why not head over to the Video card forum, and sound off about Ryan’s review of the 2600 and 2400, and AMD’s new video cards in general.  Pop over to the audio forum for a look at recording a Line In signal under Vista.  PC Linux 2007 has attracted several of the users in the Linux forum, head over and take advantage of what they have learned instead of doing it the hard way.

Once you are up and running, (and depending on your preference) visit The Lightning Round and The Trading Post; they just aren’t as fun without your contributions!