This week has seen an update to Firefox, as well as some warnings about vulnerabilities that exist when you update certain extensions.  Do you have faith in the security of Firefox, or does the list of vulnerabilities have you worried

Working batteries for your CMOS are a must if you want your PC to boot, and if you’ve never thought about it before, this simple tip may save you from tearing your hair out.  Mysterious hardware that Windows never properly identifies can be another frustration, especially if you are sure you have enabled all your motherboard devices, but there are also lesser known devices as well

If you get rid of a hard drive, what is the best way to make sure the data is gone?  Try the suggestions in this thread, although I have to side with the hammer and drill solutions as opposed to software.  You can also head over to the Linux forum to get Fedora 7.0, and any help you might need installing it. 

Last, but certainly not least, is The Lightning Round and The Trading Post … just think, you can buy some kit off of a member, and then get into a political argument with them!