BestFeel has a line of mousepads, whose names sound a bit like some sort of musical scale, the VisRa PS, VisLa PS, and VisFa.  The La and Ra signify handedness, as these pads are shaped to make them more comfortable for your forearm, where as the Fa is a very large square.  The VisLa and Ra also come in two flavours, a PS which is very smooth and reflective as well as the MS which has a matte surface and a rougher texture.  ThinkComputers has tried them all out, so take a look.
“If you really think about it, a gaming mousepad is the thing that sets the really serious gamer apart from the others. You build or buy this really powerful system, complete with a powerful gaming video card.or two.or four, a rather pricey 7.1 sound card, then you invest in surround sound speakers or upper end headphones, get a gaming keyboard, and buy a really nice high DPI gaming mouse. And then drag the mouse over one of those 4 buck WalMart mousepads with the water droplets on it, or over the bare desktop.”

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