Tagan joins their high powered competition with their Silver Power SP-1000E.  Not only does it offer 1000W of power at a claimed 85% efficiency, it has 6 12V rails.  Bjorn3D has spent a week testing it out, and while the power efficiency is not good enough to get it an 80 PLUS rating, it wasn’t a disappointment to them at all.
“So you bought your quad-core CPU, your dual graphics card setup, your terabyte worth of hard drives and everything else needed to make every PC enthusiast jealous, but what are you going to use to power all of that hardware? You mean you didn’t think you would need to get a stronger power supply than what came with your case? What used to be an often overlooked part of a custom PC build, quality power supplies have become a necessity when building a new PC with any sort of horsepower. It wasn’t too long ago when you could get away with a 250-watt unit, but with some current graphics cards requiring at least 500-watts, these units won’t cut it anymore. In steps Tagan with the Silver Power SP-1000E 1,000-watt power supply. Yes, you read that correctly, 1,000-watts. With more power than most systems require and just as many power connections, the SP-1000E is a power supply that will live a long life in any PC.”

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