Check out the NZXT Sentry Temperature Controller MFD up for review over at OCC.  Along with the clock display and fan controllers you would expect, there are also 3 thermocouples.   These allow you to take temperature readings from 3 separate areas in your system, your choice which ones.  As well there are 3 separate programmable temperature alarms, so you can adjust for the components you are monitoring.  Head over and find out how good a job it does.
“As an overclocker, have you ever wondered what the real temperatures of the particular components on your system were? What I mean is that most motherboards come pre-wired with some sort of RTD (resistance temperature detector) or thermocouple, burned into some part of the printed circuit board, but only in specific locations. Locations like your RAM, or in other parts of your hard drives, or maybe even the specific temperature of your North or Southbridge may not be monitored. To satisfy this “need to know” that most of us overclockers have, NZXT has introduced the Sentry. The Sentry has a temperature and fan controller that allows the user to see component temperatures, combined with the ability to change the fan speeds at will.”

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