Microsoft’s Milan is a powerful PC running Vista, with a monitor bearing several IR cameras and a good motion tracking system.  It is claimed to be quite durable, so hopefully the screen doesn’t need to be replaced often from too many fingers poking at it.  Read on at PC Mechanic about this new way to interface with your PC, that you may soon see in a lot of businesses.
“Five years ago, a couple Microsoft developers and designers imagined this very concept: a surface computer embedded into end tables or bars that responds to multiple touch inputs and permits hands on manipulation of digital objects on the screen. A multitude of prototypes were developed and a series of special motion and touch sensing hardware was perfected into what is now known as the Microsoft Milan. A few days ago, Microsoft demonstrated its latest computer / entertainment device to the public. After five years of top-secret development, the Milan is Microsoft’s first device in a potentially long line of “surface computers” Microsoft hopes to develop.”

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