Armed Assault:Combat Operations is not exactly the sequel to Operation Flashpoint, but it is it’s descendant.  If you missed out on Operation Flashpoint, it was far more than a FPS like the Battlefield or Call of Duty series, more like a simulator.  You didn’t get to save during missions, but you could take advantage of the entire world to get your job done, including taking control of any vehicle and later in the game, ordering your squad around … and this was 6 years ago.  Missions ranged from gunning your way out of an enemy camp after a mission involving parachuting out of your plane went wrong to stealth assaults, to sniping and demolition sorties. 

If you love to run and gun, you may want to skip this game, but if not read the full review at Gamepyre to see if this game is a worthy successor.
“Armed Assault is just the kind of game I’ve been waiting for. Technically speaking it’s not the sequel to the well-known Operation Flashpoint, but that is just a small technicality. This game is everything Operation Flashpoint was and more, much more. On a different note, I also want to point out that Armed Assault is a very complex military simulator, so unless you really dig that kind of action this game may seem overwhelming. Because of its diversity, some missions are very fast paced, while others (the stealth/sabotage ones) seem really slow, uneventful and tend to drag out way too much.”

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