Pricing on the iPhone, and the plans from AT&T have hit the streets, shortly before the June 29th release date.  The hype surrounding this device has been everywhere, but we have been short on some details, which are being dribbled out as the date goes closer.  Read more about the service plan you can expect to get on CoolTechZone.
“Apple and AT&T today unveiled the prices for the iPhone service, and these prices are far from average. As if paying $499 and $599 isn’t enough, AT&T wants you to sign up for the minimum price of $59.99 and go as high as $99.99. That’s a substantial price difference between what non-iPhone handset users will normally sign up for and what iPhone users are being forced to sign up for. That’s just for the single handset, too. Family plans and additional service details are expected to come later as the iPhone launch draws near.”

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