Fallout 3 is definitely more than just a few ink spots on a designers wall, although it will still be locked away in a vault for a year before we get our hands on it.  The trailer was really just a tease, but The Tech Report has spotted a bit more info, and what looks like gameplay screens.  Bethesda has been being very quiet about this game, but as details emerge it looks to be something special, as long as they didn’t make a bloody mess, in which case they’re dogmeat.
“Bethesda Softworks has been pretty secretive about its work on the next opus in the Fallout series. The firm built up anticipation by slowly releasing concept art over the past few weeks, culminating with the release of the Fallout 3 teaser trailer earlier this month. However, Bethesda recently spilled the beans about the title to gaming magazine Game Informer, and the folks at Fallout fan site No Mutants Allowed have gotten their hands on scans of the ensuing article. These scans, which show some previously unseen screenshots and art from the game, can be viewed on this page. A transcript of the article is also available here, for those who don’t feel like reading off the scans.”

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