Not too many sites have had much to say about Tesla, the newly announced GPGPU from nVIDIA.  You can count PC Perspective in amongst the sites that have, as well as PenStar Systems.  Heading over there will give you an idea of the hardware that makes this card tick, as well as the software it will be running; CUDA.  We know a bit about CUDA, as it was first announced in february, and there is a beta version for people to try out, but the big question is how these 2 will work together.
“NVIDIA is branding their GPGPU products as the Tesla family. For the first generation of these products we will see three distinct offerings all based upon the G80 processor on a GTX/Ultra PCB, but without the video outputs. There are three levels of products that NVIDIA will offer. Initially NVIDIA will be the only company actually selling these products, but perhaps in the future, depending on how successful the Tesla initiative is, we may see other partners taking over responsibility for production of the actual Tesla cards, personal supercomputers, and rackmount servers.”

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