The V7 group has put out a very attractively priced 22″ widescreen LCD, the D22W12.  A 1680×1050 monitor with a 5ms response rate and a 700:1 contrast ratio, they certainly didn’t skimp on the quality, and they even included integral speakers. was so impressed, they gave it their Hot Product Award.
“The monitor we looked at today, the V7 D22W12 will be selling at right around $250.00, a much more affordable and end user friendly price than previous high-end models. Not to mention that 22″ LCD screens are currently the latest and hottest selling monitors for the PC environment and usually come with a much higher price tag than this. Availability for the D22W12 is excellent as well and the product comes with a three year warranty, which you will probably never use and end up buying a new monitor before the V7 22″ fails you in any case.”

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